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Tam Fitzpatrick



Name Tam Fitzpatrick
Species Puppet
Status Unknown
Age 16 in appearance; true age unknown
Gender Male
Birthday February 22nd
Height 5’4”
Weight 32.9 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Affiliations Mr. Bosch
Relatives Mr. Bosch (creator)
Dilshad Fitzpatrick (adoptive brother)
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick (adoptive parents)
Chapter Debut Chapter 5
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Tam is Dilshad's adoptive brother, and one of the central characters in Game of Nightmares.

In the Dreamscape, Tam reverts to his true form, which is a life-sized wooden marionette who bears an organ grinder and a tray of creatively-named jewels. He gives cryptic advice to Karsten and Dilshad.


Tam is a boy with blonde hair and large amber eyes. He mostly wears Gold Crown Academy's uniform but in other times, he wears an oversized blue sweater and his black tights. At ballet class Tam wears a white short-sleeved shirt, black tights, white stockings, and white ballet slippers. In his puppet form in the Dreamscape, his body becomes wood, his hair becomes silver-white, and his eyes turn to glass. He he wears an outfit similar to that of Pinocchio's.


Tam is utterly emotionless at the beginning of the story, seemingly unable to think for himself and listening to almost anything told to him. After many interactions with Dilshad, he begins to develop emotions and becomes brave and noble.


Mr. Bosch created Tam to act as a narrator in his place. Tam took the position of Dilshad's adoptive brother and pretended to be human, encouraging Dilshad to survive the Game of Nightmares. Tam develops his own emotions after interacting with Dilshad, something that Mr. Bosch had not intended to happen. Towards the end, he reveals that he was planning to have Dilshad win the Game of Nightmares and become the next Previsionary. He sacrifices himself in flames to save Colleen, and to provide a guiding light for Karsten and Dilshad to safety, then asking them to follow their dreams before he is completely consumed by the fire.

Milly later makes a small toy puppet from Tam's unburned pieces after Dilshad asks her to bring him back to life as his wish for surviving the Game of Nightmares. When Dilshad is sleeping and Tam's puppet is near him, Tam reappears in his dreams as his own being, and not just an illusion.


  • Tam's name means "honest, innocent" in Hebrew.
  • The music played by Tam's organ grinder is "The Dance of the Automatons" from Coppelia, a hint towards his true nature.
  • Tam's outfit and mannerisms seem to reference the fairy tale character Pinocchio. In place of Pinocchio's nose growing when he lies, Tam hiccups when he is lying.
  • Tam's original last name before he joined the Fitzpatrick family, and whether he had one, is unknown.
    • In a tweet by Stacey, the possible surname "Polendina" was shown in the background of the picture, Polendina being the nickname given to Geppetto (Pinocchio's creator in the original story) by his neighbors.