Raziel Marisol
Name Raziel Marisol
Alias Anguis Cantus (Alias)
Razz (by Momo)
Species Demon
Age unknown
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Height 5’6”
Affiliations Demon
Chapter Debut Chapter 5
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Raziel Marisol is a major character in Game of Nightmares.


Raziel is often described as having the face of an angel, though sometimes, his wisdom showed the weight of his years. He has thick black, curly hair, a scar on his right eyebrow, a piercing just below the center of his lower lip, and light brown skin. He is slightly built and is about six inches shorter than Karsten Eberhardt.


Raziel is sly and also rather conceited, arrogant, and condescending. He enjoys having power and intimidating others. He was a man of his word who has a sense of honor, gratitude, and respect, in regards to other people and their actions.

A high-ranking demon pretending to be a Mexican immigrant, the majority of his speech is Spanish—at least, when he's fooling humans. His speech patterns tended to slur depending on whom he is speaking to, but he always managed to retain a formal, almost archaic, lilt.


  • Raziel's name is an anagram of Azriel, or "Azreal," which is often identified with the Archangel of Death in Hebrew.