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Name Penny
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday February 19
Height 5’9”
Weight 49.9 kg
Blood Type AB
Relatives Father
Half Mother
Penny's Mom
Milly (Half sister)
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I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. You can't imagine how sorry I am. And I don't expect you to forgive me. If you and I had been alive at the same time, things would have been different.

—Penny to Milly

Penny is Milly's younger half sister and is the main character of the short animation Milly Was Here.


Penny has short coppery orange hair and greenish-blue eyes. She's tall, lanky, and freckled. She mostly wears preppy pink outfits, and is always seen in her favorite pink leg warmers. After Milly Was Here, Penny wears an eyepatch over the same eye as Milly.


Penny tries to make herself look bigger and stronger with folded arms, wide-leg stances, etc. She is frank and abrupt, and has a tendency to act first and think later. She cares immensely for the people she loves, most notably her father and later Milly, and can be short-tempered and reckless at times. Despite this, she is quite sympathetic, shown when she pitied Milly at the beginning of Milly Was Here, but she is not without her flaws, such as her tendency to blame others for the faults that have happened in her life, and being slightly arrogant when it comes to this. She is shown to face life with a straightforward view.



Penny has the same father as Milly, and a different and very Christian mother. Penny didn't have any of the same strange or unusual abilities like Milly, but she did have the ability to see demons. When Penny was three and a half, she was the only one who could see Milly watching from the front window. She went up to the window and waved at her, then tried to open it for her, but Milly quickly disappeared.

When Karsten came to meet her father and ask about Milly, Penny was secretly listening in. This encounter is what drove Penny to search for clues on the truth behind Milly's death.


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