Invidia does not cooperate well with others, other than Aspasia Zonde. However, she has had interactions with several other characters.

  • Milly

Years Before The Game, when Milly first came to be in the Dreamscape, Milly tricked and manipulated Invidia into trusting her, Invidia even calling her "my little protege." Milly eventually took the throne as Previsionary. Invidia was the only one who knew of Milly's identity as the Previsionary and was able to recognize the Previsionary in her human form. After failing to kill the Previsionary, Invidia fled into the deeper depths of the Dreamscape. The only reason Milly leaves Invidia alive is because she "really knew how to heat up a Game." During her time as the Game Master, Invidia had extensive interactions with Karsten and Milly, repeatedly following (and mocking) them after each wall they climbed. At one point Invidia saved Milly from Taboo noise (only because she wanted to defeat Milly personally herself). On the final stage, Invidia is crushed by one of her "art projects" thanks to Milly's intervention.

  • Raziel Marisol

Invidia had met Raziel and nicknamed him the "Iron Frostiness" at some point. before the Game started the two interacted at the meeting, only for Invidia to mock the rules and the meeting (as well as the Harriers and their boss the Visionary) and Raziel chastizing her for her mocking attitude. Raziel however has great respect for Invidia's genius. On the final day Raziel and Invidia interacted and they agreed that if Invidia became Previsionary Raziel would remain the Visionart, in exchange Invidia could travel further into the Empireo.

  • Aspasia Zonde

Invidia is extremely protective of Aspasia, even going so far as to claim the two of them as biological sisters. She made Aspasia pretend to be the Challenger in her place and gather intel in the real world and seek out the proxy. For a while before the game, the previous Previsionary before Milly had Aspasia locked up as an Imp, and Aspasia spent all her free time getting stronger and working out a strategy to become the next Previsionary and free her. When Milly assassinated the Previsionary and took their place, she freed Aspasia for Invidia. This didn't stop her desire to be the Previsionary, instead wanting to be strong enough to protect those who mattered to her.