Invidia Addriana Zonde
Name Invidia Addriana Zonde
Alias Viddy
Species Demon
Status Unknown
Age 18 in appearance; true age unknown
Gender Female
Birthday October 24
Height 5’5”
Weight 61.2 kg
Blood Type A
Affiliations Challenger
Relatives Aspasia Zonde (younger twin sister)
Chapter Debut Chapter 10
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Invidia is the Game Master in the Dreamscape, and is the Challenger in the Nightmare Game.


Invidia Zonde is one of the oldest demons to be Game Master of the Dreamscape in New York. It is revealed that she was one of Lucifer's followers. She excels in all areas of leadership except one—she will not cooperate with others. More of a brawler than a thinker, Invidia can't refrain from carrying a weapon around with her at all times, resorting to violence instead of showing any form of weakness, coming to the point of obsession and perhaps mental instability.

Arrogant and willing to show it in whatever way necessary, she ceaselessly tries to prove her value and her strength. She has a strange habit of gathering together heaps of dead dreamer bodies when playing the part of game master, claiming that they are a form of art; this can be viewed as performance art reflecting her views that "The world is garbage" and lacks any beauty.


Invidia is selected as Game Master, though she has little regard for the rules of the Game. For most of the stages, she does not issue missions to the Harriers or report to the Visionary. She also begins creating Taboo Demons, Killing Harriers and Dreamers alike. She personally meets Karsten and Milly on several occasions, mostly in order to insult them. In her first meeting with Milly and Karsten, she expresses surprise at one of the dreamer's presences and says that this brings her one step closer to the finish line. Although Karsten believes this refers to him in some way, it is later revealed as likely due to her recognition of Milly (the Previsionary) as a Dreamer, meaning that eventually she could get a second chance to kill Milly.

After Invidia is defeated by Karsten and Dilshad, she releases a powerful flare, which apparently kills both herself and Milly, though Milly escapes to Newark in New Jersey and Invidia returns in the later stages, emerging from a Taboo Demon refinery sigil in a new body with far greater powers, claiming it "surpasses the Pervisionary's."

Later in the last stages, she makes her way to the Empireo to challenge the Previsionary. After a brief encounter with Karsten and Dilshad, she is sent along by Raziel. After Karsten and Dilshad defeat Raziel, they find Invidia further along, crushed under a boulder, presumably by Milly, apparently dead. Later Milly explains that Invidia was obsessed with taking over her position as Previsionary and had somehow discovered what her human self looked like. Milly also comments that the only reason she kept Invidia around was because she "really knew how to heat up a Game" but had to "retire her early."