Aspasia Aliina Zonde
Name Aspasia Aliina Zonde
Species Demon
Status Unknown
Age 18 in appearance; true age unknown
Gender Female
Birthday October 22nd
Height 5’3”
Weight 56.9 kg
Blood Type A
Affiliations Previsionary (thought to be)
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Invidia Zonde (younger twin sister)
Chapter Debut Chapter 10
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Aspasia is her sister's partner and protector in the Dreamscape. She is the deuteragonist in Game of Nightmares.

Personality Edit

Aspasia tries to the best of her abilities to help Invidia in her goals of becoming the next Previsionary, going so far as to become a "doormat" for her, and let her walk all over her. She is generally upbeat; however, despite her happy attitude, Aspasia feels inferior and useless to others, making her jealous of her idols. Aspasia attempts to turn these feelings into motivation to get Invidia what she wants and not let them affect her. 

Biography Edit

For much of Aspasia's existance, she was a horse-like Imp, and was Invidia's pet and friend. Somewhere along the line, the previous Previsionary imprisoned her in the Empireo for entertainment purposes. When Milly became the next Previsionary, she released Aspasia as part of Invidia's wishes and gave her a human-like form.

During the game, Aspasia follows Invidia's orders and pretends to be the Challenger and against the Previsionary in Invidia's place, while Invidia could lay low and keep an eye on things as the game's Game Master. Aspasia pretends to be human and watches over Invidia's proxy, Colleen Holst, and becomes very good friends with her, trusting her enough to tell her of the Game and who she is.

Aspasia makes an incorrect assumption about Milly's identity and affiliation with the Dreamscape, and Milly allows the misunderstanding to continue. Aspasia is later erased from existence completely by Milly.

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